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Calliope - volume the first CALLIOPE Beautiful Voice - Volume the First: English Songbooks of the 1700s
Emma Curtis, contralto & The Frolick - AV2102 - BUY CDs

Silver StarSilver StarSilver StarSilver StarSilver StarWinner, Best Classical Vocal 2006 - AllMusic Guide
Silver StarSilver StarSilver StarSilver StarThe Independant - Album of the Week, Silver StarSilver StarSilver StarSilver StarClassic FM Magazine

To listen to an excerpt from individual tracks click on the track of your choice, or visit iTunes Emma Curtis & The Frolick - Calliope Beautiful Voice: Volume the First for excerpts of all tracks.

1       Cupid and Venus Anon
2       Celia has a thousand Charms Henry Purcell
3       The Supplication Henry Carey
4       A New Song Anon (Thomas Phillips)
5       A Dialogue between Punch & Columbine George Frideric Handel
6       The Forsaken Nymph Henry Holcombe
7       A favourite Aire in Ariadne George Frideric Handel

Andrew Maginley: The Baroque Lute

Andrew Maginley: The Baroque Lute - J.S. Bach, S.L. Weiss & A. Falckenhagen
Inkling Records, INK001/AV2115 - BUY CD

J.S. Bach - Cello Suite no.1 BWV1007
excerpt - Sarabande.mp3

S.L. Weiss - Sonata no.36 in d minor
excerpt - Fantasia.mp3

Adam Falckenhagen - Sonata no.5 in F major
excerpt - Vivace.mp3

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